Artist Statement:

For me, art is the lifeblood. Art is another, more humane, point of view in our society that depends on the constant growth of economy.

I have done my bachelor-studies in art pedagogy, in the University of Lapland (2010) and started my MFA- studies in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts (sculpture-department) in autumn 2011. Being an artist and an art teacher goes hand-in-hand in my thinking and they are both important parts of me. Making art and teaching it can work together reflectively, through discussions and working with other people I get more perspective to my own art-making process too. Art has a capacity to bring new viewpoints also to the school-world. As the whole capitalistic world, the school-system today lies on the efficiency – thinking which is limiting creativity. Art can be an alternative for all of us, one way or another.

I use many different materials and techniques in my art. Past few years I have been concentrating on three-dimensional works and sculpture, mainly I have been casting concrete. After studying in the State academy of art and design in Saint Petersburg, in the faculty of monumental painting (2008-09) I have been also actively painting on big scale: making murals and street art in Finland and abroad. In addition to these I use many other medias too, like photography and video and I like to ensemble them with my sculptures.

Our neighbor-country Russia is a great source of inspiration for me. It’s culture (language, art, architecture, animations, toys), history with soviet past, politics, people, places, the way how people for example take over the surrounding space and deal with the death, are all interesting aspects for me when I look at Russia. Children’s culture in whole is one of the most interesting fields for me in my art, I really think that in toys, films etc. offered to kids we can see and really strongly feel the atmosphere of surrounding society with it’s (hidden) aims and (unspoken) values.

In Russia I have also found a concrete landscape of my own mind. Through aesthetics, culture and politics I travel to these views of my mind over and over again, deeper and deeper. And I hope that these views that I’m presenting, my art, can bring something new to someone else’s lives as well. Maybe even offer a different kind of aspect to the everyday life.

Väinö Auerin katu 13 b 42
  • 2010 Taiteen kandi /Lapin yliopisto, taidekasvatus
  • 01.09.2011 Taiteen Maisteri/ Kuvataideakatemia, kuvanveisto
Workshopit ja symposiumit
  • 2011 https://heidielisabethhanninen.wordpress.com/cv-in-english/
Julkiset teokset
  • USEITA SEINÄMAALAUKSIA https://heidielisabethhanninen.wordpress.com/cv-in-english/
  • 2013 https://heidielisabethhanninen.wordpress.com/kaatumaton-muistomerkki/
Teoksia kokoelmissa
  • 2013 Rovaniemen kaupunki (veistos/ pienoismalli: “Kaatumaton" - Kommunismin ja kapitalismin muistomerkki)
  • 2014 Työväen museo Werstas, Tampere (seinämaalaus/ Draamateam)
Muu taiteellinen toiminta
  • https://heidielisabethhanninen.wordpress.com/street/
Apurahat ja palkinnot
  • 2012 Kuvataideakatemian apurahat/ yht. 700 e. Työskentelyyn.
  • 2012 Suomen kulttuurirahasto. 2000 e. Lopputyöhön/ julkiseen veistokseen Rovaniemellä.
  • 2013 Anita Snellmanin taideapuraha. 2000 e. Ansioituneesta lopputyöstä Kuvan kevät -näyttelyssä 2013.
  • 2014 Taiteen edistämiskeskus. 3000 e. Kohdeapuraha näyttelyyn Galleria Rajatilassa 2014.
Jäsenyydet ja luottamustoimet
  • 2010 Lapin taiteilijaseura
  • 2010 Jäsen, työpajaohjaaja ja taiteilija katutaidekollektiivi Multicoloured Dreamsissa (MCD)
  • 2011 Helsingin taiteilijaseura
  • 2012 STS:n edustajisto (SKJL)
  • 2013 Taiteilija ja työpajaohjaaja katutaideduossa DRAAMATEAM (Hänninen & Halmetoja)
  • 2014 Kuvanveistäjäliitto
  • 2015 STS:n edustajisto (/SKJL)
Kotimaiset yksityisnäyttelyt
  • 2008- 2014 useita yksityisnäyttelyitä: https://heidielisabethhanninen.wordpress.com/exhibitionprojects/